Aquagena is a spin-off of my comic-books Odilon Dédou. The main character, Danel Ocean, appears on his boat in pages 5 and  6 of vol.2 : “Aquagena” is the planet where story takes place. Danel Ocean is an explorator. He navigates through the Big Blue, in search of the ancient cities of “Eolis”.… Read More

In 2009, when I do my firsts rotoscoping experiences, Aquagena project was lost in oblivion of time (read ‘Oldies‘ article)… The result was so nice that i decided to make a game prototype, coded in “Pure Basic”:   Now, Danel is composed of approximately 630 frames. He can walk, run, jump, crawl, climb…etc. Here are… Read More

Graphics: The first graphics were created on Amiga in 1995, using a software called “Deluxe Paint III”:   Musics: Composed between 1994 and 1996 with an Amiga, those musics were not specifically done for the game, but just inspired by the word “Aquagena”. I used a software called “Protracker”, only in 4 sound tracks, 8bits… Read More