Andromeda galaxy…On a planet called “Aquagena”… Danel Ocean is an explorer. He has been sailing for months, in search of the mysterious and ancient city “Eolis”.… Read More

All starts with a story.  Although the context is defined, it is necessary to develop the details of the action. To achieve this, I create a “storyboard”,  as if I was writing a comic strip or a movie story. The cinematic parts are mixed with actions parts. This stage of work is very important to… Read More

Aquagena is a spin-off of my comic-books Odilon Dédou. The main character, Danel Ocean, appears on his boat in pages 5 and  6 of vol.2 : “Aquagena” is the planet where story takes place. Danel Ocean is an explorator. He navigates through the Big Blue, in search of the ancient cities of “Eolis”.… Read More