Do you eveboat_01r asked what was happening in other worlds?
Let yourself go to the Andromeda Galaxy

There, in an ordinary solar system,  fleets a planet called Aquagena, inhabited by advanced beings.

Throughout this action / adventure video game, you will follow Danel Ocean, to discover the history of his civilization.






Genre: Plateformer – action / adventure – cinematic

Design: mixed 2d/3d

Estimated release date:  2019

Platforms: PC – Mac

Systems: Windows, Linux, OS X.


This video game project starts in 90’s. You can see old stuffs in Oldies article.

On this blog, you’ll find interesting – I hope – stuffs about story, story of the story, drawings, storyboards, etc…

As it’s in development, I wrotes articles regularly, so you can follow that adventure and even participate through your feedback.


About the designer:

My name is Eric Kernin, living in Britain (West of France). I work as freelance illustrator. You can see some of my drawings at (Sorry only in french…)

Fascinated in computer-programming and musical composition since the age of 7, I decided to devote a large part of my time to create this video game. It’s an adventure that I share with you through this blog.