Japi This is a giant bird, with only one leg. This unique paw presented difficulties in creating movements. It was necessary to build the skeleton to understand the muscular structure of the creature. The Japi will mainly appears in a “Shoot-them-up”-like part:… Read More

The Eolis stations are very ancient buildings. Many wild animals invested the scene. Some are harmless, but some predators are not benevolent respect to Danel.   Gapan: They are equivalent to our gulls, a little bigger and more aggressive. To animate, I use the traditional technique; each frame is drawn one by one.   The… Read More

Danel Ocean: He’s the main character. Danel is an archaeologist, a kind of Indiana Jones, traveling up hill and down dale in search of ancient relics. Height : 1.75 m           Great Robots: The Great Robots are higher than Danel. He will meet them occasionally during his adventure. Friends or foes… Read More