Japi This is a giant bird, with only one leg. This unique paw presented difficulties in creating movements. It was necessary to build the skeleton to understand the muscular structure of the creature. The Japi will mainly appears in a “Shoot-them-up”-like part:… Read More

To integrate the animated sprites – make them interactives – I needed to develope a little software, the Sprites Editor: Sprites system is a bit complex : each frame have connections with several sequences, according to the user commande (run, walk, jump…) The more actions Danel can acomplish, the more combinations appears. I have to… Read More

Andromeda galaxy…On a planet called “Aquagena”… Danel Ocean is an explorer. He has been sailing for months, in search of the mysterious and ancient city “Eolis”.… Read More

I pays particular attention to the architecture, since the action of the game takes place in flying cities. Eolis consists of 12 stations, which currently have similar shapes. (I would vary the forms, but I prefer not to chew; the game must remain achievable with little means at my disposal.) The shape and dimensions of… Read More

 The vegetation is very present in the stations of Eolis. Not only these are ancient abandoned structures, but the late inhabitants cultivated extensive gardens in greenhouses, on the summit of cities. To create the vegetation, I first draw of botanical prints:   …Then, the coloring is directly made in “pixel art” to create the “sprites”… Read More

All starts with a story.  Although the context is defined, it is necessary to develop the details of the action. To achieve this, I create a “storyboard”,  as if I was writing a comic strip or a movie story. The cinematic parts are mixed with actions parts. This stage of work is very important to… Read More

The Eolis stations are very ancient buildings. Many wild animals invested the scene. Some are harmless, but some predators are not benevolent respect to Danel.   Gapan: They are equivalent to our gulls, a little bigger and more aggressive. To animate, I use the traditional technique; each frame is drawn one by one.   The… Read More

Danel Ocean: He’s the main character. Danel is an archaeologist, a kind of Indiana Jones, traveling up hill and down dale in search of ancient relics. Height : 1.75 m           Great Robots: The Great Robots are higher than Danel. He will meet them occasionally during his adventure. Friends or foes… Read More

The main theme has gone through several creation phase. In 2009, I bought a Clarinet, which inspired me that sound: …But it couldn’t be an Original Soundtrack, I needed a more melodic music. The actual  main theme was composed in 2011, on a small Glokenspield. Here a work-in-progress version:   In the first version, I… Read More